Friday, February 22, 2008

New Jersey Nets vs Indiana Pacers: In Game Update

7:10 Tip Off
Pacers Ball

1st qtr 8:22 Pacers 10 Nets 6
Pacers moving the ball around getting open inside shots while the Nets keeping taking shots from 20+ ft.

1st qtr 6:38 Pacers 15 Nets 10
Nets finally make a shot from outside of the paint as Kristic hits an 18 footer but as a team they haven't figured out how to get inside. Travis Diener has a sweet drive and kick to Dunleavy for a wide open three.

1st qtr 3:21 Pacers 22 Nets 18
Jeff Foster knocks down a great 18 footer as shot clock is running low for his 4th point. Vince Carter starting to heat up as he knocks down a few shots and is beginning to take it hard to the basket.

End 1st qtr Pacers 28 Nets 27
Jeff Foster trips (and is now bleeding) with the ball rolling all over the court for a no call turnover and a shooting foul on the other end. Clock stops and Pacers are playing some great 90's music. Kareem Rush off the bench hits a big 3 to get the lead back up to 5. Somebody needs to tell Rush making a 3 pointer doesn't make you Superman. He's running around everywhere with the ball. Darrell Armstrong hits a 3 at the buzzer for the Nets.

Pacers are playing pretty good through the 1st. Even though they are only up by one , Vince Carter has been limited to only two points. If they can keep playing good defense on Carter and allow him to only take shots from three point territory and put a body on him every time he drives, I believe the Pacers can start to run with this.

2nd qtr 8:45 Pacers 30 Nets 32
Pacers come out cold to start the 2nd quarter going 0-5 on shots and allow the Nets to take the lead.

2nd qtr 7:28 Pacers 30 Nets 35
Pacers are falling apart fast. Going 0-11 in the last 7 minutes and 0-7 so far this quarter. Their fouls are racking up too as they keep fouling guys as they are shooting.

2nd qtr 5:15 Pacers 32 Nets 37
Jeff Foster almost gets the Pacers first basket of this quarter but the way more athletic Richard Jefferson comes from 7 feet away to foul him while attempting to make a lay-up. Foster misses both free throws. Diener finally ends the 0-13 streak with a basket a foot inside 3.

2nd qtr 3:25 Pacers 38 Nets 44
Vince Carter get a wide open dunk as he flies up the court on a turnover then flies to the rim and throws it down. Richard Jefferson lighting it up from everywhere on the court, he knocks down an 18 footer and has 12 total. Mike Dunleavy takes it strong to the rim and throws it down real hard on a baseline drive. Danny Granger comes right back off a Nets miss and does the same thing. Are the Nets ever going to learn?

2nd qtr 1:22 Pacers 44 Nets 45
Mike Dunleavy makes his second shot in a row from the elbow as shot clock was running down. Nets with an arrant shot Kareem Rush come down the court to knock down a 3. Pacers can't miss now, Diener knocks down another mid range jump shot to bring Pacers within 1. Richard Jefferson goes to the bench, hopefully this is our chance to take the lead.

End 2nd qtr Pacers 50 Nets 49
Rush thinks he's Superman again since he made a 3 pointer taking dumb shots as the clock is running low. He missed 3 shots in the last 10 seconds and is lucky Marquis Daniels was there to clean up his missed lay up at the end of the quarter.

Half Time Stats:
Mike Dunleavy -14 points, 3 steals
Danny Granger -7 points
Troy Murphey -7 points, 6 rebounds
Travis Diener -6 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists
Jeff Foster -6 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists

Richard Jefferson -18 points
Darrell Armston -9 points
Vince Carter -8 points, 6 assists
DeSagona Diop -5 rebounds

I thought going into the game stopping Vince Carter would be the key, I have now found out that stopping Richard Jefferson is. The Pacers still need to focus on Carter, because he could still come out in the second half and light up the place. It does look like they could play a little more defense on Jefferson. The Nets are also struggling at point guard like I thought with Marcus Williams only having 2 points and 1 assist so far. Diener is having a good half with 4 assists, the Nets haven't figured out his dribble and dish yet, even though he has performed that move about 5 times already. As long as Dunleavy can remain hot and the other starting 4 can continue to contribute, the Pacers should be able to pull this one out.

3rd qtr 9:42 Pacers 58 Nets 58
Nets come out of the half with a 3 pointer from Marcus Williams, and surprisingly the Pacers come out missing a 3. Dunleavy looking as if the half did not affect him as he makes his first shot taken, a 3 pointer. Travis Diener with 5 straight points, first with a dribble drive and then a 3 pointer.

3rd qtr 6:01 Pacers 73 Nets 67
Nets are now making all the right passes getting inside scores and finding the open guy for mid range jumpers. Pacers are starting to make their shots now too as Danny Granger gets an and 1 to take a 3 point lead. Troy Murphey with a great pump fake to get his man in the air and an easy dunk. Superman gets his 3rd three of the game as the Pacers start to run. Dunleavy with another great pump fake, this time for a 22 footer to go into an official time out.

3rd qtr 2:15 Pacers 80 Nets 68
Nets starting to play awful with bad shots and turnovers, also allowing Pacers to make easy inside shots and no pressure defensively. Superman misses the only shot that he'll take, the one from 23'9. Danny Granger just missed a free throw ending his streak of 65 straight, but starts a new streak by making his 2nd.

End 3rd qtr Pacers 85 Nets 72
Marquis Daniels thought about taking a 3 when he saw Shawne Williams standing alone underneath for an easy basket. We're lucky the Nets can't make free throws or this game might be close. Jeff Foster in some pain as he takes a charge on a hard drive by Bostjan Nachbar. He must not be in too much pain as he throws down a dunk off of an offensive rebound to end the quarter.

Mike Dunleavy now has 21 points after 3 as he keeps on playing a great game. Danny Granger adds 16 and Travis Diener adds 15. Richard Jefferson is still having a good game as he gets 7 more points in the 3rd quarter to take his total to 25. Vince Carter is still struggling though as he only adds 4 to his total. Also, the Nets are still struggling at point as Marcus Williams only adds one basket in the 3rd.

4th qtr 8:55 Pacers 95 Nets 79
Vince Carter knocks down a 3 to start the last quarter. If the Nets are going to get back into this it's going to be because of him, and I think he knows that. The Nets must think they are done because they just took out Carter with 10:00 left in the game. Pacers still getting their easy baskets inside the paint as Jefferson now has 4 in a row for the Nets. Dunleavy gets an easy dunk off of a stolen pass to take us to an official time out.

4th qtr 5:57 Pacers 101 Nets 87
Pacers and Nets trading baskets coming out of the time out and now trading missed shots. Dunleavy with a hard foul driving to the basket sending him to the free throw line. Misses the first and makes the second to give him 27. Travis Diener hits a 3 to break the 100 point mark for the Pacers. Official time out.

4th qtr 3:14 Pacers 106 Nets 95
Nets getting 4 straight points coming out of the time out taking a 17 point Pacers lead to a 10 point lead. Granger fouls Nachbar on a layup after Nachbar stole the ball from Granger. Nachbar only gets one free throw to take the lead to 9. Dunleavy answers with a 3 to take the lead back to double digits. Dunleavy now gets fouled going for a dunk after he got wide open on a back door. He gets both free throws. Dunleavy gets called for a block as Nochbar comes down the lane out of control off of a crazy possession full of misses, offensive rebounds, and almost turnovers for the Nets.

4th qtr 1:15 Pacers 108 Nets 97
Superman air balls a 3 pointer with the Pacers up 13. I don't really get why someone would be taking that show up 13 with 2 minutes left. Nets shooting 3's for every shot trying to get back into the game finally makes a basket.

End 4th qtr Pacers 113 Nets 103
Crowd mocking Darrell Armstrong as he makes a loud noise after fouling Dunleavy. Dunleavy makes both free throws. Trinton Hassell makes a wide open 3 and then Pacers turn the ball over at mid court. Murphey now fouls Sean Williams but he only makes one. Jump ball with 13 seconds left, Pacers up 9. Nets trying to hang around by putting the Pacers on the line.

Game Stats
Mike Dunleavy - 34 points
Travis Diener -19 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists
Danny Granger -16 points
Troy Murphey -11 points, 7 rebounds
Kareem Rush -11 points
Jeff Foster -10 points, 14 rebounds
Shawne Williams -10 points

Richard Jefferson -34 points
Bostjan Nachbar -22 points, 5 rebounds
Vince Carter -15 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists
Trenton Hassell -11 points

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