Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pacers are a 1st-quarter team

So I decided to go ahead and figure out what the Pacers' record would be if they only played 1 quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters, 4 quarters, or 4 quarters with one overtime. Here are the results:

Record playing one quarter:

29 wins, 24 losses, 5 ties

Record playing two quarters:

27 wins, 29 losses, 2 ties

Record playing three quarters:

24 wins, 29 losses, 5 ties

Record playing four quarters:

21 wins, 34 losses, 3 ties

Record playing four quarters with one overtime period:

1 win, 2 losses

So after looking at these stats, here's my un-professional opinion... if you're going to go to a Pacers game, chances are they are only going to win the first quarter so unless there is a great sale on nachos you should probably leave before the second quarter starts and celebrate like the Pacers can win at home.

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