Friday, February 22, 2008

Pacers - Nets (Preview)

After a day off, the Pacers will be playing the Kidd-less Nets tonight at 7PM. Even though some of us might have thought we needed a change around here, Coach Jim O'Brien had different feelings. He told the Pacers official website, "I happen to like coaching this group of players. I think that they feel like they have not played nearly their best basketball yet, and I want to see them play that type of basketball."

The key for tonights game will be trying to control Vince Carter. This is the first game between the teams this season, but last season Carter averaged 31.3 points in four games. Also, with Devin Harris being out, the Nets could be inconsistent at their point guard position. They will have Marcus Williams going, who through 25 games is averaging 4.1 points and 1.6 assists.

Even though the Pacers lost their first game out of the All-Star break to the Cavs Wednesday night, tonight will be a true test to see how they are going to play the second half. With the trade deadline behind them, players can start focusing on becoming a team and tonight is the night to do it.

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