Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pacers loss puts them in 5th place in Central Division

Not really much to say about this game. The Dunleavy and Granger Show put up its usual numbers while Troy Murphy added 19 and Travis Diener added 22. Jeff Foster was the only starter who didn't score in double figures, but the bench backed them up with only 18 combined points.

The Pacers went into the 4th quarter all tied up, but never led during the final period and at several times were down by 9 points. The Pacers had the opportunity to come back with 00:57 left in the game being down only 110-105, but they could not capitalize on the situation. The final score was 113-107, Chicago.

With Pacers in the news lately for hanging out with alleged rapists and murderers, it doesn't surprise me that so many fans have quit supporting the team again. No one wants to pay tickets to see a professional sports team with no ties to their city or state lose most of their games and give up in the fourth quarter of nearly every single loss. I don't expect for Walsh and Bird to turn the team around overnight, but if we don't see even an attempt at improvement starting this summer and through the draft, then we need to start thinking about getting new executives.

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